Workflows creation and control

Centrally define, replicate and automate your operational processes, from the field to head office, by connecting steps, teams, scenarios and actions

Tasks and tickets

Leverage our ticketing capabilities to include team coordination, customer interactions and work-to-done into your workflows

Connect and collect any data

Ensure your teams can collect any type of data from pictures to signatures and more. Working offline, your data is synced when a network connection is available

Internal alerts and external communications

Trigger automated notifications to web or mobile app users based on customisable scenarios and include SMS or USSD interactions with customers or external parties


Create teams by combining multiple user types, from web to app users and admins to field operators. Trigger actions that need to be processed by a specific team member within a given team

CRM capabilities

With direct connection to standard CRM capabilities, Upya workflows include critical operational and sales features

Off-the-shelf workflow templates

Select from industry-relevant workflow templates to get a quick start in optimising processes, being able to edit where necessary

Upya’s workflow implementation expertise

Work with the Upya Team to optimise your processes, replicate and implement them on Upya. Through interactions, iterations and training, Upya offers its expertise to support your teams through its digital transformation

Unlimited access

Give access to the web platform and mobile app to as many users as needed to run your operations efficiently, from HQ to the field

Upya Academy

Free access to Upya Academy to get started quickly and learn from in-depth courses with simple step-by-step explanations. Set up specific training sessions with our team when needed

More features

All must-have features to manage field survices

Intuitive UX/UI

Drag and Drop flows builder

Rule based scenarios

Customisable role creation

Event logs per user, asset or customer

Entities to specify flows per country or regions

Multiple levels of user permissions

Integration to third party tools

Ready-to-use flow templates

Powerful analytics and reports

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