Accurate data collection

Unlock the advantages of easy and accurate data collection

Whether you collect Know Your Customer (KYC) data or general field information, ensure the accuracy of collection through the full digitisation of your forms and questionnaires

Fully customisable questionnaires

Path dependent surveys

Verification questions

Predefined drop down lists

15+ question types in your language

Any data anywhere

Don't let connection problems stop you

Ensure your teams can collect any type of data from pictures to signatures and more. Working offline, your data is synced when a network connection is available

User-friendly app for data collection on the field

Online and offline capability




Scan QR codes or barcodes


Get a detailed picture of the collected data

Quickly view and analyse collected data through standard dashboards while accessing all your data at any time through CSV downloads

Quick view of surveys results through dashboards

Mass download to csv for personalised analytics

The right product for
data collection activities

Upya Collect

Upya Collect meets the needs of distributors who enter into a new market or geographical area and enables accurate data collection and lead generation by gathering and analysing any type of data

Offline | Online data collection via smartphone

15+ question types in any language

Allows to build sales funnel and start selling

Upya Grow

Upya Grow meets the needs of distributors of any assets with embedded flexibility, modularity and possibilities for scaling up your B2C business

Centralised management of customers, field agents, payments and inventory

No code skills needed

Scales with your business

Upya Flows

Upya Flows meets the needs of operators that manage complex and repetitive processes across teams in HQ and the field

Workflows creation and control

Intuitive UX/UI for effortless flows

Tasks and Tickets for team coordination

| 15+ question types

Available for Nyalore to create structured surveys

| 9,000+ forms

Were collected and interpreted in Impact Baseline Analysis

| 4,000+ e-cooking products

Nyalore is planning to distribute

| Vertical

With Upya Collect, a flexible and dynamic software, Nyalore Impact is participating in the MECS Challenge Fund project strategically aiming to enhance the adoption of electric cooking appliances in Kenya and register a carbon credit project