Workflow Creator

Streamline your operations by enhanced efficiency and replication

Define, replicate and automate your operational processes, from the field to head office, by connecting steps, teams, scenarios and actions into workflows

Step-by-step workflow creation

Highly configurable and customisable

Rule-based triggers for scenario building

Automations or suggestions of next steps

Unlimited number of levels and scenarios within a single workflow

Centralised control for business compliance

Ticketing System

Efficiently coordinate work from HQ to the field

Include our ticketing capabilities into your workflows to efficiently coordinate work from HQ to the field. Involve your customers, teams or field staff to raise tickets and complete tasks

Task and ticket templates

Monitoring of completion

Ownership and accountability tracking

Processing through web platform or field mobile app

Integrated forms/reports for information input and sharing


Guarantee timely notifications leveraging communication channels

Ensure pending tasks are not forgotten and automated notifications reach their intended audience thanks to a variety of communication channels

Pop-ups and task notifications to field team through mobile app

Ticket alerts for admins to process

Automated SMS communication to end-customers

The right product for your workflow automation activities

Upya Collect

Upya Collect meets the needs of distributors who enter into a new market or geographical area and enables accurate data collection and lead generation by gathering and analysing any type of data

Offline | Online data collection via smartphone

15+ question types in any language

Allows to build sales funnel and start selling

Upya Grow

Upya Grow meets the needs of distributors of any assets with embedded flexibility, modularity and possibilities for scaling up your B2C business

Centralised management of customers, field agents, payments and inventory

No code skills needed

Scales with your business

Upya Flows

Upya Flows meets the needs of operators that manage complex and repetitive processes across teams in HQ and the field

Workflows creation and control

Intuitive UX/UI for effortless flows

Tasks and Tickets for team coordination

| 20,000+ raised tasks and tickets

The company enjoys Upya’s Workflow automation

| 1,800+ accurately collected and analysed forms

All that is needed for both flowless and extensive geomarketing activities

| 36,000+ recorded contacts of clients and prospects

It became easier to build a sales funnel and increase customer acquisition

| Vertical

From customer acquisition to support, WeLight uses Upya to provide electrify-as-a-service to its customer base. Thanks to a ticketing system and workflow automation it ensures the successful coordination of customer requests, teams and field operations