Individual or mass communication

Easily send communications to the target audience

Thanks to Upya’s Bulk SMS integrations, you can easily send mass communications reaching the right customers at the right time

Integrated to bulk SMS providers

Messaging from web platform or mobile app

Free text messaging to individual customers

Group messaging to segmented customer base


Improve your overall communication efficiency and impact

Leverage SMS automation to save time and remain customer-centric

SMS templates for recurrent messages

Merge fields to personalise messages: “amount due”, “data”, “name”

Scenario-based configurations to automatically trigger SMS


Ensure successful delivery rates

Keep track of SMS’ sent and their respective delivery rates

Central dashboard

Delivery reports

Event logs of SMS communications on customer profile

Support your SMS Communication activities with Upya products

Upya Grow

Upya Grow meets the needs of distributors of any assets with embedded flexibility, modularity and possibilities for scaling up your B2C business

Centralised management of customers, field agents, payments and inventory

No code skills needed

Scales with your business

Upya Offset

Upya Offset meets the needs of players active in carbon offsetting projects with an extensive solution for data collection and preparation for project certification

Centralised management of beneficiaries and field staff

Adapted to carbon credit requirements

Suitable for internal pre-audit for carbon credit certifications

Upya Collect

Upya Collect meets the needs of distributors who enter into a new market or geographical area and enables accurate data collection and lead generation by gathering and analysing any type of data

Offline | Online data collection via smartphone

15+ question types in any language

Allows to build sales funnel and start selling

| +35% of new prospects

It takes less effort to collect prospects’ data

| +44% of new signings

It became easier to turn prospects into clients

| 100% delivery rates

The company enjoys Upya’s SMS communication system

| Vertical

Flexibility and responsiveness, onboarding processes and the reliability of the solutions make Reno Power’s experience with Upya an integral part of the startup’s growth