Solution of choice
for Point-of-Sale distribution

Sell and resell anything anywhere

Sell or allow your network of distributors to resell lockable, non-lockable, serialised or non-serialised products. Bundle them together and centrally create PAYGO, full upfront or loan-based repayment plans. Add seasonality, penalties or promotions

Collect payments through cash or mobile money

Collect payments directly from your POS distributors or end-customers, leveraging Upya’s integration with major mobile money providers and/or cash or float payments

Give your distributors the right tools

Empower distributors to easily sell your products and services through the Upya app or give them more power as independent “entities” allowing them to define their pricing, manage own agents network

Define and communicate incentive schemes

Configure different commissions schemes for your resellers, with targets and % or lump sum rewards based on a variety of scenarios and allow them to follow-up on status through the Upya app

Track inventory from warehouses to points of sale

Manage inventory effectively to avoid stockouts or overstock situations, tracking movement from your warehouse to distribution center to your resellers and beyond. Allow your reseller to ask for additional stock through our ticketing system and process automation

Collect critical end-customer information through resellers

Using the simple to use the Upya app, resellers can easily collect end-customer information while being online or completely offline, allowing them and you to gather critical Know-Your-Customer information

Features to support your activities

Territory & Partner

Tailor market approach per region or implementation partner


Track stock from HQ to the end customer

Agent Management & Commissions

Follow agents’ activity and performance while defining their commissions structure

Payment Collection & Deal Types

Create any deal and track customer payments from mobile money to cash


Replicate and automate processes to increase operational efficiency at scale


Manage and improve team coordination and ultimately customer relationship


The right product for your needs

Upya Collect

Upya Collect meets the needs of distributors who enter into a new market or geographical area and enables accurate data collection and lead generation

Offline | Online data collection via smartphone

15+ question types in any language

Allows to build sales funnel and start selling

Upya Grow

Upya Grow meets the needs of distributors of any assets with embedded flexibility, modularity and possibilities for scaling up your B2C business

Centralised management of customers, field agents, payments and inventory

No code skills needed

Scales with your business

Upya Flows

Upya Flows meets the needs of operators that manage complex and repetitive processes across teams in HQ and the field

Workflows creation and control

Intuitive UX/UI for effortless flows

Tasks and Tickets for team coordination

| +35% of new prospects

It takes less effort to collect prospects’ data

| +44% of new signings

It became easier to turn prospects into clients

| 10 minutes turnaround time

The company enjoys Upya’s customer support

| Vertical

Flexibility and responsiveness, onboarding processes and the reliability of the solutions make Reno Power’s experience with Upya an integral part of the startup’s growth