Go-to digital solution for
your organisation at scale

Track inventory from warehouses to end customers

Whether serialised or not, follow every stock movement and control who’s holding what stock up to installation at your end customer

Сategorise customers to allow prospecting activity and sales funnel management

As information is collected about future customers, Upya allows flagging the prospect’s interest based on any internal qualifications. When customer lists are compiled and viewed, the overall strength assessment of the sales funnel can be performed and critical decisions can be made, for instance in terms of sourcing bikes or parts

Offer and control a comprehensive pricing mix

Implementing flexible payment plans is easy and helps address different types of customer profiles and a wide variety of market and pricing strategies. Our system allows set-up top-ups, subscription-based terms, full-upfront deals, PAYGO or even loans while also implementing promotional or seasonal pricing and referral programs

Collect payments through cash or mobile money

Leverage Upya’s integration with the major mobile money providers and/or cash or float payments

Manage customer requests and field operations

Upya’s ticketing system offers a complete solution to manage requests coming directly from customers or raised by operational field staff. Similarly, tasks can be sent to on-the-ground personnel for them to perform specific actions or fill in standardised reports within a well-defined time frame

Replicate processes and increase operational efficiency

Define or replicate any type of process from HQ to the field by connecting steps, teams, scenarios and actions into centralised workflows. Leverage rules to automatically trigger time-sensitive tasks to be performed by teams on the ground. Automatically notify personnel through pop-ups and ticket alerts

Ensure an easy adoption in challenging environments

Upya’s mobile app design is compatible with all generations of Android phones. Accommodates low connectivity situations, and favours icons over texts

Connect specific Upya modules with existing software and hardware solutions

Upya’s open APIs make it easy to connect our tools to other software such as accounting, GPS trackers, PAYGO technology and other IOT-based hardware. Critical data points to be tracked are defined and consolidated at the customer, agent, shop or asset level

Features to support your activities

Customer Management

Create, grow and have constant access to customer base

Payment Collection & Deal Types

Create any deal and track customer payments from mobile money to cash

Agent Management & Commissions

Follow agents’ activity and performance while defining their commissions structure

Ticketing System

Manage and improve team coordination and ultimately customer relationship

Workflow Automation

Replicate and automate processes to increase operational efficiency at scale

Analytics & Reports

Visualise and analyse operations with powerful dashboards


A product for every step
of your digital journey

Upya Collect

Upya Collect meets the needs of distributors who enter into a new market or geographical area and enables accurate data collection and lead generation

Offline | Online data collection via smartphone

15+ question types in any language

Allows to build sales funnel and start selling

Upya Grow

Upya Grow meets the needs of distributors of any assets with embedded flexibility, modularity and possibilities for scaling up your B2C business

Centralised management of customers, field agents, payments and inventory

No code skills needed

Scales with your business

Upya Flows

Upya Flows meets the needs of operators that manage complex and repetitive processes across teams in HQ and the field

Workflows creation and control

Intuitive UX/UI for effortless flows

Tasks and Tickets for team coordination

| 1,100+ сlient base

People got access to safe drinking water

| 100% repayment history

A smooth customer management reduces the risk of abandonment

| 9+ entities all across Kenya

The company enjoys Upya’s entity structure to operate in different regions

| Vertical

The level of professionalism of the support team and the ease of solution’s adoption helped Aqua Clara to start using Upya faster and to manage customers better