Nyalore Impact

Nyalore Impact: Addressing Clean Cooking Affordability & Awareness With Upya Collect, a flexible and dynamic software, Nyalore Impact is participating in the MECS Challenge Fund project strategically aiming to enhance the adoption of electric cooking appliances in Kenya | Product used Upya Collect “ Upya Collect is very powerful. A once collected data is always […]

Aqua Clara

Upya’s Place in Aqua Clara’s Digital Evolution The level of professionalism of the support team and the ease of solution’s adoption helped Aqua Clara to start using Upya faster and to manage customers better on the way to digital evolution | Product used Upya Grow “ It has been a digital transformation for Aqua Clara. […]


WeLight for Mini-grids’ Success in Africa From customer acquisition to support, WeLight uses Upya to provide electrify-as-a-service to its customer base. Thanks to a ticketing system and workflow automation it ensures the successful coordination of customer requests, teams, and field operations. | Product used Upya Grow “ Upya is not just a CRM for WeLight, […]

Reno Power

Scaling and Digitising – the Perfect Formula for Reno Power Flexibility and responsiveness, onboarding processes and the reliability of the solutions make Reno Power’s experience with Upya an integral part of the startup’s growth. | Product used Upya Grow “ Upya allows you to get onto a digital journey way before reaching high volumes in […]